MCCA New Office

Mill Creek Community Association
15524 Country Club Drive
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(425) 316-3344 
Fax: (425) 357-9737

Executive Administrator:
Mary Ann Heine

Assistant Executive Administrator:
Hilary Bublitz

Administrative Assistant:
Joan N. Sweeney

MCCA Office is located at
15524 Country Club Drive.
Turn off Village Green Drive onto Country Club Drive and take the second left into the parking lot on the left. The office is open 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

Covenant Committee

The MCCA Covenant Committee enforces the legal covenants that are a part of every title and deed within the association and that obligate homeowners to certain standards. Its work encompasses covenants concerning landscaping, yard maintenance, fencing, driveways, mail boxes, cordwood, visible waste containers, antennas, heat pump sites, swimming pools, holiday lights, tree houses, play structures, sport courts, storage buildings, unapproved projects, house painting and more . This committee also ensures that the operation of a home business does not cause disruption to the residential character of the community.

The committee acts upon complaints, reviews possible violations, communicates with homeowners and works to resolve complaint situations. The committee does not police the community; it depends upon confidential complaints (Covenant Enforcement Request Form) from citizens before it begins resolution of violations.

The efforts of this committee promote the beauty of Mill Creek Community Association and help preserve and enhance its ambience and property values.

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Mail theft within MCCA has risen sharply since 2000!

The standard mailboxes are provided by MCCA at no cost to the residents in those divisions still using individual mailboxes. The locking mailbox is available for purchase through MCCA by any MCCA resident desiring one. It’s U.S. Postal Service approved, is constructed of heavy-duty metal, and has a larger, locked incoming mail compartment. The owner is given the only two keys to the locking mailbox when it’s installed (USPS will not have a key). Outgoing mail can be placed in an unlocked portion of the mailbox, but it’s not recommended.

Real Estate Sign Covenants

If you are selling a home within the MCCA, please take a look at our Real Estate Sign Covenants.