MCCA New Office

Mill Creek Community Association
15524 Country Club Drive
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(425) 316-3344

Association Director:
Hilary Bublitz

Administrative Assistant:
Joan N. Sweeney

MCCA Office is located at
15524 Country Club Drive.
Turn off Village Green Drive onto Country Club Drive and take the second left into the parking lot on the left. The office is open 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

Forms Overview

MCCA Forms Overview

No self-respecting organization is complete without paperwork, and MCCA is no exception. In order to ensure that the high standards of our community are maintained, all significant exterior work requires prior submission of an ACC Form, and ACC approval prior to the start of work. There are also other forms for security checks, filing a covenant complaint, and to obtain a permit to operate a home business. Each form is briefly explained below. Complete details are provided in the Guidelines listed on the Guidelines Menu. Contact the MCCA Office (425-316-3344) if you have any questions.

The forms listed on the menu and below are in PDF format and can be accessed using both PCs and Macs. Downloading requires that the free Adobe Acrobat Reader be installed on your computer.  The PDF forms cannot be filled in and then saved via computer. However, once you have the correct form on your screen, you can print one or more copies by selecting Print… on the File Menu. You can also save a copy of the form on your computer by selecting Save As… (or Save a Copy…) on the File Menu.

Eventually MS Word copies (.doc files) of all forms will also be available. If you have MS Word on your computer, clicking the appropriate link will open a dialog box that will allow you to open the file directly in MS Word, or download and save a copy of the file on your computer that you can use later. In either case you will be able to complete the form directly on your computer and then print and/or save it. Attachments and a signature may be required on the completed form.

You must submit the appropriate ACC Form and receive ACC approval prior to beginning a project, even if you plan to use approved materials or paint colors. Starting a project without approval may result in a Stop Work Order being issued to your contractor that would delay your project until the proper paperwork is submitted and approved. Finishing an unapproved project will result in removal or corrective action at your expense. Failure to comply with required corrective action will result in a lien against your property. Please help us and you by complying with the ACC requirements. The staff at the MCCA Office will be happy to assist and to answer any questions.

Your project may also require a City of Mill Creek permit that is separate from MCCA approval.

Architectural Control Committee Forms

Additions Application Form

The Additions Application Form should be submitted for installing, replacing or altering decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways, hot tubs, sport courts, exterior heat pumps and a/c units, swimming pools, antennas, satellite dishes, awnings, propane tanks, dog runs, trellises, arbors, gazebos, landscaping, building additions, and other projects that would change the exterior of your property and/or home. The list of approved decking materials is available here.

Exterior Windows / Door Replacement Form

Use the Exterior Windows / Door Replacement Form when replacing doors and/or windows.

Fence Application Form

Use the Fence Application Form when installing or replacing a fence.

Exterior Painting Application Form

Submit an Exterior Painting Application Form, and color samples to paint the exterior of your home, fence, deck, and/or storage building. An application is required even if you are repainting the structure with the same color (touch-up or maintenance painting of a portion of the structure with the same color does not require ACC approval).

Roofing Application Form

Use the Roofing Application Form to apply for approval to replace your roof. Be sure to review the list of MCCA-approved roofing materials, and to read the City of Mill Creek letter on obtaining a City permit.

Shed / Storage Building Application Form

Use the Shed / Storage Building Application Form apply for approval when you wish to install or replace a shed or storage building.

Exterior Siding Application Form

Use the Exterior Siding Application Form to obtain approval to replace exterior siding.

Tree Trimming / Removal Application Form

Submit the Tree Trimming / Removal Application Form to the MCCA Office to request approval for tree trimming or removal. Minor tree trimming is allowed without approval, but trimming that may significantly affect the appearance or health of the tree requires approval. For specifics on tree cutting rules, see the ACC Guidelines.

Dumpster/POD Application Form

Submit the Dumpster/POD Application Form to obtain approval to have a dumpster, POD, Bagster, or other temporary storage or debris container on your property.

Other Forms

Covenant Enforcement Request Form

Use the Covenant Enforcement Request to report a covenant violation. Mail or drop off this form to the MCCA Office. The Covenant Committee will inspect the property and verify that a violation exists. The name of the person reporting the violation is kept confidential.

Home Based Business Application Form

Use the Home-Based Business Application Form to request approval to operate a business out of your residence. Approval will be based upon your ability to show that the business will have no impact upon the residential character of the neighborhood. Only businesses that will be invisible to neighbors or visitors are approved. In addition, a City permit is also required.

Security Check Form

MCCA residents may request that Security check their home while they are away by submitting the Security Check Form.


Locking Mailboxes

The MCCA approved locking mailbox is the Mail Boss 7106. You can purchase your locking mailbox online at Amazon. When you receive your mailbox, please contact the MCCA office and we can schedule our maintenance department to help you with installation. MCCA maintenance will only install the MCCA approved mailbox.


You can now pay your assessments online through PayHOA. You can find the directions to create your PayHOA account here

2019/2020 Assessments

The assessments for the 2019/2020 year were approved in the 2019/2020 Budget Vote. The 2019/2020 assessments are due July 1, 2019. Bills will be mailed out soon. You can mail or drop your check at the MCCA office, or pay online by logging into your PayHOA account. The 2019/2020 assessment for Single Family homes is $510 per unit, Townhome assessments are $382 per unit, and Condo/Apartment assessments are $255 per unit.

MCCA Trails

We hope you enjoy all the trails within the MCCA. You can print out a trail map and see where your adventure leads you. Please note that the golf course trails are not part of MCCA property and are for country club members only.

Real Estate Sign Covenants

If you are selling a home within the MCCA, please take a look at our Real Estate Sign Covenants.