MCCA New Office

Mill Creek Community Association
15524 Country Club Drive
Mill Creek, WA 98012
(425) 316-3344

Association Director:
Hilary Bublitz

Administrative Assistant:
Joan N. Sweeney

MCCA Office is located at
15524 Country Club Drive.
Turn off Village Green Drive onto Country Club Drive and take the second left into the parking lot on the left. The office is open 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

Locking Mailboxes

Mail theft within MCCA has risen sharply since 2000!

The two mailboxes approved for use in MCCA are the locking mailbox and the standard mailbox shown at right.

The standard mailboxes are provided by MCCA at no cost to the residents in those divisions still using individual mailboxes. The locking mailbox is available for purchase through MCCA by any MCCA resident desiring one. It’s U.S. Postal Service approved, is constructed of heavy-duty metal, and has a larger, locked incoming mail compartment. The owner is given the only three keys to the locking mailbox when it’s installed (USPS will not have a key). Outgoing mail can be placed in an unlocked portion of the mailbox, but it’s not recommended. Owners are encouraged to drop off outgoing mail at the post office.

With mail theft continuing sporadically, both MCCA and the Mill Creek Police recommend the installation and use of the locking mailbox. If you are interested in purchasing a locking mailbox, you may do so from MCCA for $185. MCCA Maintenance will install the box for you, and hand you the keys. Note that MCCA provides the locking mailboxes at cost, and the installation is free.

If you are interested in purchasing a locking mailbox, please stop by the MCCA Office, or you may mail the payment for $185 to MCCA. If paying by mail, please be sure to include all required information (name, address, division and phone). The check should be made out to “MCCA.”

MCCA maintenance will install the mailbox at no charge as described above.

Using Your Locking Mailbox

If you move you may take your locking mailbox with you. Please notify the MCCA Office and allow time for MCCA maintenance to remove the locking mailbox for you. A standard mailbox will be installed in its place.

The outgoing mail portion of your mailbox is not secure, and its use is not recommended. Instead, you should drop off your outgoing mail at the post office.

As mentioned above, you will be provided with the only keys to your mailbox. After installation even the USPS will not have access to the locked incoming mail portion of the box. For your protection, most locksmiths cannot duplicate the keys to your locking mailbox.

If you purchased your box prior to 2016, you can have spare keys made at:

Everett Safe & Lock

5108 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203, (425) 258-1422


16510 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052, (425) 883-3334

If you purchased your box 2016 or later, you can order spare keys from the Mail Boss website. You will need the 6 digit Key number on your keys to place the order.


Locking Mailboxes

The MCCA approved locking mailbox is the Mail Boss 7106. You can purchase your locking mailbox online at Amazon. When you receive your mailbox, please contact the MCCA office and we can schedule our maintenance department to help you with installation. MCCA maintenance will only install the MCCA approved mailbox.


You can now pay your assessments online through PayHOA. You can find the directions to create your PayHOA account here

2019 Annual Meeting Presentation

Login to your PayHOA account and click on Documents – HOA Documents – 2019 Annual Meeting to view the presentation for this year. Learn about what we did last year, and what we have planned for this fiscal year.

MCCA Trails

We hope you enjoy all the trails within the MCCA. You can print out a trail map and see where your adventure leads you. Please note that the golf course trails are not part of MCCA property and are for country club members only.

Real Estate Sign Covenants

If you are selling a home within the MCCA, please take a look at our Real Estate Sign Covenants.